Chop Saw Base - Mitre Saw Modification

My mitre saw had seen better days. The base was made from plastic and aluminium which eventually broke leaving the fence uneven and with a bit of play on it. The plastic had snapped where the fence was supposed to screw into the base and no matter what I did I could not get an even cut.  I eventually tried to screw the entire saw onto a wooden base, including the fence but that did not help either. I therefore decided to build a new based, turning the mitre saw into a dedicated chop saw which could cut a true 90 degree angle. I later added some insert nuts into the front of the base to attached a mitring jig and a push clamp for working with aluminium.
<p>Superb modification. Your idea is worth doing it, even on a new low end miter saw, to make it a perfect tool. The idea of adding the front attachments for miter cuts is excellent. This modification, though restricts the cut either to 90 or 45 degrees, but I liked it as perfection is keeping it simple but extremely accurate. </p>
Nice work it would be nice to see this as a full instructable ;) <br>
I like the way you use the tool itself for cutting or marking. You did that previously also.

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