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Tape all four circles together along the outside edge. Keep the amount of tape balanced.
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So, to get a little more into the physics of top spinning, it comes down to angular momentum. From what I understand, and my higher level physics is a bit rusty (and my calculus even more so :-), so please correct me if I'm wrong anywhere. <br> <br>As the disk spin it has inertia (Newton's First Law of Motion). Think of one single point on the disk - that point tends to keep moving in a straight line. However, the solid disk forces it off of that straight line, resulting in an acceleration (a key point: in physics terms, acceleration is a change in speed and/or direction). Where there is acceleration, there is force, namely angular momentum which is what opposes the force of gravity. As long as angular momentum is greater than force of gravity, the top will spin. <br> <br>The amount of this force opposing the gravity is based on the speed of the disk and the mass of the disk. So, as friction slows down the top, the angular momentum decreases until gravity is the greater force causign the top to tip over. Also, an off-center/off-balance top with have uneven angular momentum and that will cause it to fall over.
That's so cool! Also, you should enter this into the Make it Real Challenge along with the Education Contest. Since you used a computer to make the template, this absolutely qualifies. <br /> <br />Also, I know there are at least a handful of physics aficionados on Instructables who could explain what forces are acting upon the top. Possibly in the comments, guys?
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll do that!

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