Learn how to chop tomatoes like a ninja*.

You will need:
  • tomatoes
  • knife
  • chopping board
  • to take basic safety precautions.  Knives are sharp and can cut you, particularly if you're pretending to be a ninja.  Mind your fingers, and remember:  it's much safer to use a sharp knife than a blunt one.  The sharp knife will go where you expect it to go 

* No ninjas were consulted during the making of this Instructable

Step 1: The Brief

Tomatoes are big, red, juicy and delicious.  Except the stalk, and the woody bit where the stalk goes into the tomato.  

If you're slicing tomatoes for a sandwich, this is fine, as you slice most of it off when you slice the top off, but if you want to chop lots of tomatoes quickly for a pasta sauce, or a salsa or as a souring agent in curries, then you need to do something about this woody bit. You don't want to eat that.  It's not very tasty. 

This Instructable will show you a neat way of removing the woody stalky bit.  The best thing about this method is that it takes no extra time or effort at all, just a bit of skill.
This is a great instructable, I will have a ton of tomatoes in a month or 2 so, I can brush up on my skills now, thanks! Do you make tomato based curry? I usually make yellow curry, yummy!

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