Picture of Chopper bicycle made from found materials
So we've seen a lot of variations on the chopper bicycle out there. I have watched many roll by with awe and jealousy. I finally couldn't take it anymore and set out to make one of my own. In order to avoid being derivative, I decided that my bike would be made from as few actual bike parts as possible. While a noble notion, this proved quite difficult, especially having no experience building bikes in the first place. I am a sculptor above all else, so I figured if the thing failed, it would still be art. Fortunately the project was a success, and is briefly documented here.
To see what the rest of my work looks like, please visit my website: www.nemogould.com

Step 1: Frame

Picture of Frame
I think this thing first took off when I had the idea to use baseball bats for front forks. This would provide the ridiculously long stride required of a chopper and satisfy my interest in using found and recycled materials. The head tube bearings I confess were salvaged from an old bike.
The frame consists of sections from a curved railing that was cut and re-welded to mimic a bike frame.
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crash1831 year ago

Dr. Seuss would be jealous!!! That is brilliant!!! Great design, great fab, wonderful job!!! I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to steal some of your ideas!

feeblington2 years ago
very nice - particularly liek the saw blade disk brake - may have to nab that idea for my DH bike!!
I love this bike. I is beautiful, and I love the idea of circ-saw blades a brakes. I like th overall design, but the Handlebars don't really seem to fit...
I'm not a fan of thweels either, and I wanted to kow If they held up atall... they seem little rickety...
Megrathea694 years ago
I think the fact that most of items/material used to make this bike are from items unrelated to bikes is probably the most interesting point/feature. I have a few old bikes lying up the stairs and i was thinking of putting a 24 inch wheel on the front of a regular frame with a normal 26 inch rear wheel.I dont have a proper workshop,just my spare room and dont have metal working capabilities but thought this would give me a simple chopper bike.
combot557 years ago
that sawblade looks kinda dangerous...
That's kind of the point, giving it a little bad azz feel.
its for the zombies...
bump much?
R1Ch0 combot556 years ago
zombie sympathiser
combot55 R1Ch06 years ago
another bump much?
*thud* You aren't the only one that can bump.
change the wheels but it still is so cool
Pyro458 years ago
That's pretty cool. I made one out of several junk bikes at the dump and parts in the bike section of WalMart. No offense, but it looks like urs is just made out of junk :( Smooth lines though it looks clean :)
thats kind of the point
yesican6 years ago
What I love about this bike is (besides the fact that it's unutterably brilliant) it can't be stolen! It's so unique, a thief couldn't sell it as-is - it's far too identifiable and therefore easily traceable. Nor could it be broken down for parts - because most of those parts aren't bicycle parts. Well done! :)
nemomatic (author)  yesican6 years ago
This theory has been tested. A few months back someone broke into my shop and stole my mountain bike. It was leaning between my chopper and my Quicksilver scooter.
nice sry to hear bout ur mtn bike though
mason01905 years ago
add LEDs, stereo, horn, motor, low rider (wree-wree wree-wree up and down motions... come to school on THAT and be treated like a freckin PIMP!
Ha ha ha great! In the Rat Patrol we were always trying to outdo each other with fork material- mop handles, kid's bikes, springs, foosball table bars, whatever. First time I've seen a baseball bat chopper. You are a bricoleur!
laserdude4 years ago
that is the best chopper i have ever seen in my entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nemomatic (author)  laserdude4 years ago
Thanks man!
Marsh5 years ago
 Diggin' the sawblade! Definitely using that on mine!
bow s4105 years ago
you my friend are a genius
 Great bike, those wheels look great. How much of the rear wheel did you have to bore out to get the bike hub to fit?
 I don't remember the exact amount but it was very little.  Around 1/16 of an inch.
fciron7 years ago
Nice bike! I always enjoy some explanation of the found objects. I have a chopper with an eight foot wheelbase that steers quite well. Google 'rake and trail' to find out about the layout. Basically you adjust the forks so that the pivot axis hits the ground about where the wheel touches. Pivot angle should hit between 2 - 4.5 inches in front of the wheel. I just bent my fork tubes in the vice to accomplish this. I don't think that approach will work with the bats. Maybe for your next bike.
mies911 fciron5 years ago
oh so cool lihgts look beautiful
did you weld that circularsawblade into wheels cool ride :)
diggety26 years ago
Beautiful work! I'm in San Diego and just heard of your exhibit at DEVICE...can't wait to check it out!
nemomatic (author)  diggety26 years ago
Hey thanks. Glad you'll catch the show. They have my Giant Squid right now.
Lumpydump6 years ago
We likes this very much! Kudos!
ewilhelm8 years ago
I love the saw blade disc brake!
lol me too its recycled and waiting for the zombie attack lol
R1Ch06 years ago
AND! how long did the build take?
dude you gotta send me a material list and some plans for that thing man
wrksnfx7 years ago
The handle bar are okay, but I'd try to find a set of ape hangers to give it that real chopper look and feal.
Junk Mail7 years ago
The wheel chair wheels make it look really cool - it was the first thing i saw when i opened the page. Great Instructables
Awesome bike, mad skillage, major props
bedbugg27 years ago
VERY COOL! I agree with everyone in them saying it looks like a kids dream bike! I love the frame! I also love the pure distinctiveness of it! Never saw anything like it! I LOVE IT!
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