Introduction: Chopstick Bird Feeder

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Step 1: What You Need

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Time to get some stuff!

 - Chopsticks
 - Glue. I'm using Loctite Stik'n Seal here

Toosl (not pictured):
 - Dremel or saw
 - Q-tips

Step 2: Gluing in Pairs

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Round chopsticks are tough to deal with since they roll around so easily so my first step was to glue them together in pairs. To do this as cleanly as possible I used this technique:
  1. Run a bead of glue down the middle of the pair
  2. Roll them inwards so the glue gets between the two chopsticks
  3. Use a q-tip to wipe off the excess glue

Step 3: Glue Together Sections

Picture of Glue Together Sections

Here I glued together 4 sections.

Section A (left side) - Two sets of 20 chopsticks each. I kept these separate at first to create a pitched roof, but ended up joining them later for a flat roof.

Section B (top right) - 4 chopsticks for the bottom of the trough

Section C (right side) - Two sets of 6 chopsticks each for the sides of the trough

Step 4: Finish the Roof

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Originally the roof was going to have two sloped pieces, but I needed it to be sturdier and so a flat roof with supports would be better. Just glue in four chopsticks and you're good to go.

Step 5: Trough

Picture of Trough

I chopped off about 1/2" off of the ends of the Section C pieces and glued them to the Section B piece to form a trough

Step 6: Add Supports

Picture of Add Supports

I used 4 pairs of chopsticks as supports to come up from the trough. After gluing them in, I used a Dremel to chop them off at an angle at the 5" mark.

Step 7: Add the Roof and Rests

Picture of Add the Roof and Rests

Glue the supports to the roof to provide some shade and bring most of it together.

Now we just need a place for the birds to sit. Add a couple pair to extend out from the trough and a couple more pair to connect those and make a place to sit.

And there you have it! A comfy feeder for the birds. Just hang it, add some seeds, and you're done!


splazem (author)2011-06-10

Wow, that's cool. Must have taken a lot of patience, though.

Kaptain Kool (author)2011-06-10

Cool, you should check out, he built a bird feeder using soda cans and chopsticks recently.

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