This crossbow is an entry to the Chopstick challenge. I created this because when I thought of bamboo chopsticks, I thought of resiliency strength and flexibilty, all in which make a good crossbow.

-Exacto knife
-Super glue

-Paracord( 2 feet will be more than enough)
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Step 1: Making the "Cross"

Picture of Making the
First you get two chopsticks, and tape fix them together, I used Black electrical tape, But you can use whatever you think will work.

Step 2: The body

Picture of The body
You will then need to get a piece of wood, mine is about 1 1/2 ft.  Width isn't a big issue on this one.

Step 3: The barrel

Picture of The barrel
Then, you need a straight pen tube, Take it apart and keep the tube.

Step 4: Combining the body and chopsticks

Picture of Combining the body and chopsticks
You will want to put the chopsticks at the end of the board you previously cut. Try and keep it in the center, and fix it to the body.

Step 5: Mounting the barrel

Picture of Mounting the barrel
Fix the pen tube to the body.

Step 6: Stringing the bow

Picture of Stringing the bow
Then get one of the inner strands of the paracord, and cut about 2 inches more than the length of the chopsticks. Tape and/or glue it to the end of the chopsticks.

Step 7: Adding a trigger

Picture of Adding a trigger
Glue the wooden Clothes pin to the body about 4 inches behind the barrel

Step 8: Find ammo

Picture of Find ammo
I used a small wooden dowel, but many other things will work as well.

Step 9: The finished product!

Picture of The finished product!
If you followe
owen57022 years ago
This doesn't work the chop sticks break easily