Picture of Chopstick Pseudo Grilled Cheese
So its late, you got the grumbellies and you want something NOW! Oooooh grilled cheese would really hit the spot. But its too much hassle. Well, not really. In about 3 minutes you can be enjoying one of the most satisfying comfort foods. 

The reason this is a Pseudo grilled cheese is because its microwaved not slathered in butter and fried in a pan. Problem is microwaving the bread makes the bottom all soggy and chewey...yuck. A simple pair of chopsticks eliminated that.

Grab the following:

2 slices of bread
1 or 2 slices of cheese
and of course....a pair of chopsticks!

You also need a toaster and a microwave.

Step 1: Get Toasting

Picture of Get Toasting
Toast your bread to your preferred liking. 
coolo523 years ago
this is brilliant and it looks delicious
its something to do with the cheap chopsticks you get at most Chinese restaraunts