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After making a really difficult and almost completely useless chopstick creation
which requires a huge amount of bits and bobs - so here is a simple and easy trick that you can make in any restaurant / takeaway that gives free chopsticks in a little paper sleeve.

Many beginners struggle to use chopsticks - this can be more easy if there is a hinge/spacer to keep the chopsticks in the correct alignment and separation.  These can be made with the paper sleeve that the chopsticks come wrapped in - my Instructable  uses a simple piece of paper because I don't have any freebie chopsticks
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Step 1: Preparing the paper

Picture of Preparing the paper
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Your paper should be a strip about 2.5cm / 1 inch wide.   your sleeve will be double thickness - mine is a single sheet.   Fold in half along the length - sharpen the crease with the thumbnail.  Fold in half again; you should have a v-cross section band of about 1/4 inch

Step 2: Hinge points

Picture of Hinge points
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Next you need to flatten and press the v-shape - do this roughly around the middle, not important to be exact.  This is, an origami thing - but I don't know what the terms is.  I am not sure how to explain - but the pictures makes it obvious.

First you make a diagonal fold so that the two section are at right angle to each other
Unfold the diagonal fold - whilst holding the v-closed  flatten out the other side.
The diagonal folds that you made will allow you to have one side closed and the other open.  

Step 3: Repeat a second hinge

Picture of Repeat a second hinge
You need to make a second hinge.  The distance from the first hinge depends on the level of skill - for a real beginner maybe half an inch - to about an inch for someone with a bit of practice.  I tend to think of it as either about a finger or a thumb width.  

The second hinge is a complete mirror image of the first.  

!be careful not to make any transverse folds - hold it carefully