This is a pretty cool trick where you can make a chopstick trainer with only a rubber band and the restaurant chopsticks.  I have used it and it helps you pretty well.  I also like this because you can make this in only a matter of a few seconds.

Well, hope you like it!

Step 1: First Step: Get You Materials!

All you need for this is:
Chopsticks and a rubber band. 

Get these and you are ready for the first step.

*By the way... the chopsticks NEED the wrapper.  If it has a plastic wrapper, I can't help you.*
<p>Thank you very much my little one has always wanted to copy us when we are using chopsticks and this worked wonders.</p>
This is a good trick! I first encountered it at a sushi restaurant named Mikuni, where they kept a supply pre-made especially for kids. My three year old really wants to use chopsticks like Daddy, and these have given her a leg up :-)
Or the bar at HuHot (Dubuque IA) specifically for the drunks. LOL
Did you know it's considered impolite to rub your chopsticks together like that? I didn't until recently, but apparently it's rude- it implies that you were given cheap chopsticks. Who knew? :D
You were!

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