Chopstick trainer with only a rubber band! (and chopsticks)

Picture of Chopstick trainer with only a rubber band! (and chopsticks)
   This is a pretty cool trick where you can make a chopstick trainer with only a rubber band and the restaurant chopsticks.  I have used it and it helps you pretty well.  I also like this because you can make this in only a matter of a few seconds.

Well, hope you like it!
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Step 1: First step: Get you materials!

All you need for this is:
Chopsticks and a rubber band. 

Get these and you are ready for the first step.

*By the way... the chopsticks NEED the wrapper.  If it has a plastic wrapper, I can't help you.*

Step 4: Fourth step: Put the rubber band on

Wrap the rubber band around the end of the chopsticks and the rolled up paper so that the paper acts as a  fulcrum. Put most of the rubber band on the very end so that the chopsticks will stay open, instead of closed.

Step 5: Fifth step: Adjusting and how to use!

Picture of Fifth step: Adjusting and how to use!
To adjust this, move the piece of paper up and down the chopsticks until it feels comfortable.  

To use, hold the top one just like you were to hold a pencil.  Then put your thumb over the two chopsticks.  The bottom chopstick should just go under the thumb and over the middle finger.

Thank you so much for reading! hope it is useful and hopefully not confusing.
mslaynie1 year ago
Did you know it's considered impolite to rub your chopsticks together like that? I didn't until recently, but apparently it's rude- it implies that you were given cheap chopsticks. Who knew? :D
kelseymh3 years ago
This is a good trick! I first encountered it at a sushi restaurant named Mikuni, where they kept a supply pre-made especially for kids. My three year old really wants to use chopsticks like Daddy, and these have given her a leg up :-)