Introduction: Chopstick Book Binding

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A simple binding for a book with a chopstick-- usually I use a stick, but for a challenge, I found a chopstick to use!

Step 1: Materials

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chopstick or stick
rubber band
hole punch

Step 2: Fold Cardstock in Half, Punch Holes

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  1. Fold your cardstock in half- make it pretty if need be (I glued some decorated/dyed paper to my piece of cardstock).
  2. Cut the paper so it is a little smaller than the cover cardstock.
  3. Put your paper inside the folded cardstock.
  4. Punch two holes through the cardstock and paper- if too thick to do all at once, punch the cover and mark the paper so that you can punch separately.

Step 3: Thread Rubber Band

Picture of Thread Rubber Band
  1. Thread the rubber band through one end of the holes on one side of the cover and paper inside and catch the stick in the loop.
  2. Then thread the other end through the other hole and catch the other end of your stick.
  3. Done! This will last as long as your rubber band lasts!


rimar2000 (author)2011-08-03

Clever idea!

artfulann (author)rimar20002011-08-03

I cannot be the one to author- I've seen this kind of binding before.

bajablue (author)artfulann2011-08-04

I haven't seen this before! Thanks for sharing this sweet and creative idea!

ChrysN (author)2011-08-03


artfulann (author)ChrysN2011-08-03

Thanks but I cannot be the one to author-this is a common book binding method.

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