Picture of Choux pastry Swan
This instructable is for making a beautiful Swan dessert using choux pastry. Apart from looking impressive at your dinner party, it is very tasty...

Good luck making it & enjoy!!!
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Step 1: Template

Picture of Template
First of all draw a swan template on plain paper and cut it out. Take this cut out template and put it on the back of the baking foil and draw around it to copy the shape. (for making identical other wing, just flip the one you've got).  I draw the shape on the back of the baking foil as I don't want the pastry to absorb any colour. As the baking foil is see through it's very easy to see the shape from the other side.
Marco Maas2 years ago
Gonna make this one day. Somebody must be impressed!
ketirock2 years ago
Amazing! Easy , clear cooking instructions and looks perfect!!!
Desiadian2 years ago
So unique !
poofrabbit2 years ago
My heavens this is AWESOME! Forget ice sculptures this would be so cool as a desert for everyone at a function or family gathering.....just fantastic! 5 Stars!
Vika84 (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago
Thank you for your comment! Much appreciated! :-)