I am nine years old and I am learning to crochet from my mom. This is what I made all by myself from my imagination
<p>Congratulations on your new Crafting skill. It really is excellent for just learning. You are very talented and will make a great crafter/sewer/crocheter because you are already past 1/2 the battle then to design it all yourself thats just incredible. </p><p>Happy Easter.</p>
&nbsp;Wow good job! I am learning to knit and I love it! Maybe I should learn to crochet! Great job and keep up the good work!
&nbsp;it looks great! Very cute :)
That's really cute!!!! How long did it take you to make?
Way to go! You sure have me beat!
That's a really good job. Keep it up!
Very nice job. I can't believe you (a 9 year old) did this!<br/>That's a great job, and you <em>do</em> have a great imagination.<br/>
Looks nice keep up the good work

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