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Introduction: Christmas After Dinner Mints

Hi! This is my first instructable so please be gentle and apologies if this is a duplicate but I couldnt find anything similar. (Credit for this goes to a forum post on that i can no longer find, if this sounds familiar then let me know, i will give credit where its due)

This really couldnt be easier and its perfect for last minute Christmas presents. It took about an hour in total and I made enough to fill 2 pint jars. Get the kids to help with this one.

Merry Christmas all! Lx

Step 1: Ingredients

This was a bit of an experiment so it was just a cheap 300g bar of plain chocolate and a packet of extra strong mints (although i made another batch and used 2 packets which i think is better). Thats it. Use your imagination though, i should think this will work equally well with some chopped nuts or honeycomb or whatever you like instead of  mints. If i was doing this again and depending on who was to get it, id use a better quality chocolate.

Step 2: The Mints

Crush the extra strong mints. You are looking for a sugar-like consistancy. I started off bashing them in a bag with a rolling pin, but actually the pestal and mortar works much better.

Step 3: The Chocolate

I like to grate chocolate before melting, just be careful not to grate body parts to the mix. Melt which ever way you prefer, i went for the bowl over simmering water.

Step 4: Add the Mints

Add the crushed mints to the melted chocolate and mix well. In the 2nd batch i made, i crushed 2 packets of mints, added about a packet and a half and kept the rest to sprinkle on top. Very Christmassy. I think this worked better with 2 packets of mints.

Step 5: Cooling Down

I put some greaseproof paper on a shallow try and spread it out to make a thin slab and stuck it in the fridge for about 10 mins. You can do this any way you like. Im sure youll all have more imaginative ways to do this. Maybe silicon moulds or a piping bag.

Step 6: Breaking Up

Once the mix has cooled down, break up into bitesize chunks. I stored mine in jars for now, but eventually they will go into gift boxes with nice lables.

Step 7: Tidy Up and Put Away

Youll need someone to help clean up.



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    Is the blood on your thumb a special ingredient. Hope not.

    I made this tonight w/70% cocoa and 2 tins of Altoids.  It was easy to make and came out well!  Many thanks!

    What kind of mints specifically did you use? Can i use the herb mint?
    I want to make this for my girlfriend as a lil Christmas surprise.

    Looks tasty!
    And for the record, it's ok to repeat a project already on the site - you'll do it and describe it differently.

    2 replies

    Thanks for that, might do a couple more instructables then for some more of my christmas gifts!

    Theyre a bit like mint crisp. They would have been yummier with some nice chocolate though.

    Wonderful!  I'll look forward to seeing them.

    Have you tried adding some nuts or crisped rice to these?  Could be nice.

    What a wonderful instructable!. Thanks for posting it - I think I'll give it a try this afternoon.  Love the photo of your adorable little helper, too.!

    Excellent. Keep it up.


    A two ingredient recipe, excellent...and decadent!!

    Well done. I shall make a batch of these for a sweet tooth friend. (Oh OK then; it's me!!).

    I like the look of this, can't go wrong surely?


    2 replies

    You would think so but I did melt my bowl slightly, grate my finger and then the website crashed halfway through creating my instructable! Even with all that they still turned out really well!

    Yes I saw the finger(!), but you got the nice chocolates out at the end.