Christmas tree themed ball machine.
is this finished yet?
Christmas was yesterday...
 Yes, that is correct.
Sweet! Can't wait for the proper thing! Also, when this is done, is this what you are going to enter in my contest?
Where can I find your contest, can I have a link?<br />
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Random-Knex-Challenge-4-Christmas-Crazy/" rel="nofollow">Right here!</a>
Looks good so far.<br />
You shouldn't start with the rollercoaster path, the other paths always give more difficulties<br />
I started with the roller coaster path because it's what gives the ball machine the shape of a christmas tree. &nbsp;The other paths will compliment the initial form given by this path.
oh, I didn't know you wanted to shape like a christmas tree<br />

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