Picture of Christmas Bead Trees
This is cute use it as whatever you want I know it's not Christmas yet but I Just thought of this so I wanted to do it Whatda ya need????? • a small felt tree • beads • wire And that's all you need
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Step 1: Poking The Holes

Picture of Poking The Holes
13, 6:29 PM.jpg
13, 6:29 PM.jpg
My holes were pre poked but take your wire and poke it through the uppermost part of the tree

Step 2: Putting On The Beads

Picture of Putting On The Beads
13, 6:29 PM.jpg
Next slip beads on the wire. Put the beads up to the next place you want a hole( mine is in the middle)

Step 3: Getting It To Stay

Picture of Getting It To Stay
13, 6:29 PM.jpg
Now you need to twist the ends together like you would do with a bread tie

Step 4: Next Row Please

Picture of Next Row Please
13, 6:29 PM.jpg
Poke another hole under the one you entered through the first time then repeat step 2 for the next row too.

Step 5: Making It Stay Once Again

Picture of Making It Stay Once Again
13, 6:29 PM.jpg
Tie it like you did with the first row and todaaaa you have a mini Christmas tree