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I make a full sized blanket for someone in my family every Christmas. This is the blanket I made for my husband's grandmother in 2006. I like Lion's Brand Homespun yarn because it softens-up after washing and using fabric softener. The whole blanket is done using size 13 needles and garter stiching (knit only). There isn't a pattern to follow except for keeping every square the same size, and deciding on what color scheme. I used to sew the squares together, but now I like to knit them together as I progress so that the blankets are stronger. You can make this type of blanket as big or as small as you want (this looks smaller as it's laying on a king-sized bed).


Liangelus (author)2012-08-20

This is stunning, I love your colour scheme....a boarder around it would look lovely too. Nice job :)

reno_dakota (author)2008-02-25

Looks cosy! Thanks for posting.

kylap70 (author)reno_dakota2008-02-26

Thank you!

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