Christmas CandyCanes!




Introduction: Christmas CandyCanes!

After sorting through my 'drafted' instructables for a few minutes I found  this gem!
It is a simple Christmas treat for all those marzipan lovers out there!
I made these a couple of Christmases ago and gave them to my sister who LOVES marzipan!
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Step 1: What You Will Need:

A blob of marzipan
A blob of red pre-made icing or a blob of marzipan dyed red with 2 drops of food colouring
A knife
A Plate

Step 2: Firstly...

Cut up the blob of icing into two (or however many candycanes you want to make)
Repeat with the marzipan

Step 3: Roll

Roll the cut blobs into rods.
Make sure they are nice and evenly rolled!

Step 4: Flatten

Flatten the red rods of icing so they are flattish! :p
Squash both rods!

Step 5: Wrap

Wrap the squished red icing loosely around the marzipan rod!
Repeat for both rods of marzipan!

Step 6: Squash

Gently roll the rod around, squishing the red icing into the marzipan.
Keep going until the rods surface is completely smooth!
Repeat for both rods!

Step 7: Shape!

Shape both the rods into the classic hooked candycane shape that makes them what they are!

Step 8: Done!!!

You can refridgerate these if you want to for them to keep their shape but I served them straight away!!!
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