Picture of Christmas Card Holder

This Christmas Card Holder is inexpensive to make and is a great holiday decoration to add to your home.

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Step 1: Making the Base

Picture of Making the Base
First, I started with a pizza pan. (You can find one at the Dollar store)  I used Krylon Gloss Spray Paint in Banner Red to cover the pan.  It only needed one coat and took a few hours to dry.

Step 2: Making the Card Holders

Picture of Making the Card Holders
Now, I took clothes pins (you can also find these at the Dollar Store) and painted them with Krylon Satin finish spray paint in the color Nickel.  These also only took one coat and took just a few hours to dry.

These will be used as the holders for the Christmas cards and will be hot glued to the pan after it is embellished.

Step 3: Embellishing the Pan

Picture of Embellishing the Pan
013 (2).JPG
001 (2).JPG
Now, I was ready to embellish the pan.  I used the Cricut Die Cutting Machine to make some of the cuts on this pan. 

For the text, I used white vinyl and the Don Juan Cricut Cartridge to cut out the letters.  I then attached them directly to the pan.

For the Reindeer, I used cardstock and the Create a Critter Cartridge to cut him out and then used the Mickey and Friends Cartridge to cut the mailbox and made a mailbag with the 3 Birds on Parade Cricut Cartridge.  Inside the mailbag, I made some tiny letters to santa out of white cardstock.  (I used a hot glue gun to attach these embellishments, but first I made the snow for the bottom, see next step for making the snow.)

Step 4: Making Snow

Picture of Making Snow
Now, I needed some snow for the bottom.  The snow was hand cut from white cardstock.  Then, I covered it with Tulip brand white puffy paint.  Then, I used the heat gun on the puffy paint so it would puff up and look like snow.  The heat gun dries the paint as it heats it, but I let it set a couple of hours so it would be completely dry before adding it to the pan.  Once it was completely set, I hot glued it to the pan.
This is such a cute little project, I love it ^^
My sis is getting a cri cut machine for christmas, so maybe for next year I'll make one of these!
JeanKnox (author)  sailormoon224914 years ago
She is going to love her cricut. I use mine all of the time!!