Well it is that time of year again and I hauled out the decorations only to find one of my window candles was broken.  After not being able to find the exact replacement to match the ones I had, I set out to rebuild them to something completely different.  Enter the Changing Color Window Candle!   Remember the 1960's when white Christmas trees had a revolving color wheel over a spot light to change it's color?  Well, now you can have this same effect on your Christmas Candles!  Let's get started!

New AA Battery powered candles $4.00 for a pair
AA Batteries ~$3.00
Led Slow Changing Color type ~$7.00 for 50 on eBay
50 Ohm resistors  $1.00 for 5
Silicone caulk $4.00 tube

Start by removing the bulb from the candle and crush the glass using a pliers.  Wear eye protection and gloves to protect yourself from injury.

Step 1:

Grid off the bottom of the brass base and drill out the resin base to make a hole through the bottom of the brass base.

Solder the 50 ohm resistor to the positive lead of the LED.  The positive is the lead that goes to the smaller half of the junction inside the LED.

Use heat shrink tubing to protect the leads from shorting and to cover the resistor.   Follow up with a second cover of tubing to cover the negative lead.  This should look like the candle wick when done!

Take a small wire cutter and cut a small slot into the side of the brass base.  Do this where the solder was previously soldered for the bulb as it makes for a neater job.  Now bend the negative lead at a 90 degree angle to reach the brass side wall of the base.

Insert the LED assembly into the brass passing the positive lead to the bottom and wrap the negative lead to the cut in the wall.

Solder the negative lead to the wall.

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