Picture of Christmas Circuit Card
Machine stitching conductive thread to create a simple circuit on my Christmas card. The conductive thread stitches connect a 3V button battery with an LED. Two loose ends create a simple switch that can be closed by tying them into a bow.

While this version of the card requires the recipient to own or purchase two crocodile clip connectors, I created a simple battery holder in later versions by crossing the two strips of conductive tape and sandwiching the 3V button battery in between.

Please see illustration for optimal solution (though it does not correspond exactly with the photos I took of my first example) >> Download illustration

I reproduced this Christmas card 20 times, mailed them out from Austria and hope that they all arrived.
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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
- Conductive thread from http://www.sparkfun.com or http://www.lessemf.com
also see http://cnmat.berkeley.edu/resource/conductive_thread
- Conductive tape from http://wwwl.essemf.com
- 3V button battery (and holder)
- Crocodile clips
- Regular colored thread
- Nice colored cardboard
- Decorative pens

- Scissors or cutting knife and mat
- Ruler
- Sewing machine

Step 2: Cutting, drawing and sticking

Picture of Cutting, drawing and sticking
Cut your coloured cardboard to shape (aprox. 17 x 22 cm). Fold in half and draw a Christmas tree on the right side of the front side. The circle with an X inside is the electrical symbol for a light.

Cut two small tabs of conductive tape (aprox. 1 x 1 cm) and tape them to the bottom left on the back side (not like in the photos, where I taped it to the front side where the conductive stitch is not).