Frosted cookies are a holiday classic.  With a Star Tree Cookie Cutter Set and a few extra sweet treats you can make a lovely holiday scene for the enjoyment of your sweet tooth.  

Lots of photos of the finished project can be seen in Step 11 of this Instructable. 

Step 1: Bake the Cookies

Any cookie recipe that is designed to be rolled-out and cut with cookie cutters works for this project (sugar, butter, gingerbread, etc). I used the classic Betty Crocker sugar cookie recipe from my 1950's Betty Crocker cook book because frosted sugar cookies are my favorite holiday treat.

In addition to the ingredients needed to make the roll-out cookie of your choice, you will need:
• Paste Style Food Color (Green and Brown for the cookies - other colors may be desired when decorating)
• Star Tree Cookie Cutter Set
• Parchment Paper
• Rolling Pin
• Oven, timer, oven mits/pot holders, mixer, measuring spoons, etc.

To make a tree like mine, you will need to acquire a star tree cookie cutter set.  These sets come with a varying number of layer sizes.  The set I used has 10 sizes of stars shaped cookie cutters.  I made my tree a bit taller during assembly by using the same size cookie more than once in the final stack.  

• Mix plenty of dough from the start to make enough cookies to see your design come together.  I wanted to have at least 1 full tree plus 2 smaller trees so I mixed 5 times the recipe together at once.  I didn't see any harm in having a few extra frosted sugar cookies around the house after the decorating process was complete so I went big with my estimate.

• Once you have mixed and chilled your cookie dough prepare a surface for rolling the dough out. 

• Add a bit of green paste style food color and kneed the dough to create a marble effect.  Add a touch of brown and kneed the dough a bit more to distribute the brown color.  

• Roll-out your cookie dough and cut your star shapes paying attention to ensure you cut enough of each size to accomplish the tree sizes desired.  I rolled the dough out on parchment paper and removed the scrap around the cuts as my dough was very soft after I added the food color. 

• For the largest 3 sizes of stars, I cut a small star from the center to speed up the baking time and so I don't have 3 enormous cookies.

• Bake your cookies according to your recipe instructions. 

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