Christmas Dried Fruit Air freshener/decorations

Picture of Christmas Dried Fruit Air freshener/decorations
christmas orange.jpg
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I recently made some Mulled Wine (Click here for instructable) and didn't want to waste the pieces of orange and lemon I had put into it because they smelt amazing with all th e mulled wine spices and the citrus.

What I thought I could do would be to dry them and use them as Christmas decorations/to scent the air.

It's simple and it goes like this...
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Step 1: Collect your oranges/lemons

Picture of Collect your oranges/lemons
Get however many oranges/lemons you want to use
(mine was one of each because that's what I put in that batch of mulled wine) 
Slice into 1cm thick slices (about half an inch) or slightly thinner if you're good with a knife, I'm not.

These are not the fruits I used, just an illustration. I used heavily stained red ones.

Step 2: Microwave the slices

Picture of Microwave the slices
dried lemon slices.jpg
dried orange slices.jpg
Arrange slices on a microwave safe plate/dish, none overlapping.
Put your microwave to 50% power or defrost and leave your slices in for 7 minutes at first.
They should be still slightly flexible, not crispy, but not juicy.
If not, put them in again for another 2-4 minutes and repeat until satisfactorily dry.

Step 3: Get creative!

Picture of Get creative!
Dried orange slices in jar.JPG
christmas orange.jpg
Do what you will with your slices. I'm planning to get some star anise, whole nutmeg, and cinnamon sticks to make a Christmas centrepiece but they can be strung up somewhere, hung from the tree, threaded with other dried fruit and cinnamon sticks or just put in a bowl or jar to look decorative.

Attached are some ideas.

You can even put some glitter on them, although I'm not going to because I'm planning on making a spiced liquor out of them when they have served their purpose! Instructable to follow if it works!!!