Picture of Christmas Elf
Make this little elf from old shirts and garage sale materials. 
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
  Muslin-like material (Body)
 Striped Material (Legs)
  Embroidery floss (face)
  Yarn (hair)
  Old pillow (for stuffing)

  Felt (shoes)
  Brightly colored shirt (dress& Hat)
  Ribbon for trim
  Beads for trim

  Hot glue gun
  Needle & thread

(All of the items were either used, or purchased at garage sales. Always try to use reclaimed materials before buying anything new.)

Step 2: Elf Body - Pattern & Cutting

Picture of Elf Body - Pattern & Cutting
Elf Instructable 004.jpg
Elf Instructable 005.jpg
Elf Instructable 011.jpg
Create a pattern by folding a paper in half, then drawing on one side. Go around the line with dots for the seam allowance. I've shown this on a 1" cutting grid to get an idea of the size.
Cut out the pattern while folded. This will make both sides even.

Pin the body to the muslin material and cut out.

Repeat for the legs on the striped material.

Step 3: Elf Body

Picture of Elf Body
Elf Instructable 014.jpg
Elf Instructable 015.jpg
Elf Instructable 016.jpg
Elf Instructable 018.jpg
Elf Instructable 019.jpg
Elf Instructable 020.jpg
Sew around the edge, leaving the top of the legs, and the bottom of the body open.
Make notches along the curved edges, and turn right-side out.
Iron legs & body flat.
Sew yarn along the edge of the top of the head.
Stuff legs and body. Trim top of legs if they are too long.
Fold bottom of body under, and pin legs under the fold.
Sew straight across.
Embroider face on the elf, or use fabric paint.

Step 4: Elf Garments

Picture of Elf Garments
Elf Instructable 022.jpg
Elf Instructable 023.jpg
Elf Instructable 025.jpg
Elf Instructable 026.jpg
Elf Instructable 028.jpg
  Normally, you would follow proper pattern procedures, but since this is a decoration/ornament, just lay the doll on the fabric and trace around.
Fold the shirt in half, and cut to make sure both sides are even.
For the end of the sleeves, turn back 1/8" and sew a tiny hem. Do this to both sides of both sleeves.
Turn right-sides together, (Make sure hems are facing out) and sew along the edges.
Turn right-side out, and place dress on the doll.

  Draw a curled shape onto the fabric, with a seam allowance,  and cut out. 
  Sew along the edge, and turn right-side out. Stuff lightly, and tack onto head with a needle & thread.
drwebster1 year ago
you are talented,sooo cute
sunshiine3 years ago
Cute and clever!
fjordcarver3 years ago
ChrysN3 years ago
Cute elf! I love her hair.
canucksgirl3 years ago
This is soooo cute! Thanks for sharing on the Advent Calendar. (I was beginning to wonder if people had forgotten since there was no entry yesterday).

Very well documented too.