Step 2: Prepare the Base

The base can be any shape or size. Use your Craftsman Tape Measure to size up your display area. If your base is an unusual size or shape you may need to make a template out of paper and copy it to your base material.

Base area needed:
clean and add a towel or felt if you think you may damage your base.

1. Craftsman Tape Measure
2. Safety Goggles
3. Gloves
4. Craftsman C3 Drill
5. Craftsman Staple Gun
6. Craftsman Cutting tools either: Saber Saw, Circular Saw, or Rotary tool
7. Speed Clamp
8. (Cutting guide if needed)

Base Material:
I used 3/4 in. scrap ply-wood for the base and a scrap 1/2 in. piece of pine for the back support.

Cut base material to a slightly smaller size or shape of your base leaving enough area to hold your creation and small so that it is not visible.

Wow! This looked Great! Will you come to my house next Christmas to decorate???
I really like your instructable!!! I am going to do this next year for the holidays. I think that it is awesome that you used all Craftsman tools to do the project. Others that I have seen on here are not even using Craftsman tools. You should get extra points for using their tools for the contest. Good luck!!
DITTO! Nice set of Craftsman tools dude!
This looks beautiful!!
This was a gift to my Mom. She wanted something festive in her entryway that looked nice for the Holidays and when her Bridge group came over. She said everyone loved it! Thanks Mom! 1/5/09

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