Step 3: Begin adding your prepared greenery to the base area

Safely move these tools to your base area to continue working. (Craftsman Small Tool Bag)

Tools Needed:
1. Craftsman Staple Gun
2. Craftsman Pruning Shears
3. Craftsman Gloves
4. Wire
5. Wire cutter

Go to your prepared greenery and start trimming small pieces to apply to your base. I used a few larger and harder to handle (prickly needled) pines first. Staple the larger ones to the base and upright support. Start in the center of the base and work your way out. Base, then back support, use alternating greenery types. Keep adding various greenery to fill up your base area. See Photos...

Continue as needed...

Add pine cones, English Holly, Ribbon, Christmas decorations to your liking.

Have Fun!