Christmas Flower Ornament Recycling Craft


Introduction: Christmas Flower Ornament Recycling Craft

About: Life's too short not to shimmer... so grab your glue gun and your glitter!

Create this pretty Christmas Flower Ornament by recycling toilet paper rolls!

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Here is an easy craft that is made out of recycled toilet paper rolls.

You will need:

- One empty toilet paper roll

- Scissors

- Three small glass marbles

- Red acrylic paint

- Red glitter

- White glue

- Green ribbon

- Hot glue

Step 1: Flatten the Toilet Paper Roll and Cut a Piece That Is Approximately 1/2 Inch (or Less - I Don't Measure, So Eyeball How Wide You Want the Petals to Be).

Step 2: Cut Five Petals Total. Put a Dab of Hot Glue Near the Top of Each One and Glue to the Next Petal to Secure Them in Place. Now It Should Look Like a Flower.

Step 3: Paint Entire Flower With Red Acrylic Paint.

Step 4: When Dry, Paint With Glue and Sprinkle With Glitter. Allow to Dry.

Step 5: Put a Glob of Hot Glue in the Center, Where All of the Petals Meet and Attach the Glass Marbles.

Step 6: Punch a Hole in One of the Petals - I Used a Hole Punch - and String a Ribbon Through and Make a Loop to Hang the Ornament. That's It!

Step 7: Here Is a Another Craft I Made Using Toilet Paper Rolls, Glitter and Buttons.



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    Ooo so pretty, and a very nice upcycle! Thanks for sharing!