Christmas Gift for Moms


Introduction: Christmas Gift for Moms

Opps! Did you forget to get a gift for you mom and don't have enough money to get her something extravagant? Here's a simple way to make your mom smile:

Step 1: Get a Jar

You don't really need to go to the store and just get a jar you can just get one from the fridge and grab a pickle jar or strawberry jam jar. MAKE SURE YOU ASK SOMEONE IF YOU CAN USE IT! When you get it wash the jar so it won't smell awful! (You might need to wash it a couple of times)

Step 2: Get Supplies

Your will need:

• 3 colorful sharpies ( I choose black blue and red)
• 1 white paint or spray paint( I used spray paint)
• 1 gold or whatever color you want to paint the top

Step 3: Spray/paint Your Jar With Whatever Color (I Used White)

Step 4: Spray/paint Lid

Step 5: Once Dried Put Title on Lid With Sharpie

You don't need to put 100 reasons you could put 10 20 doesn't matter!

Step 6: Draw Anything You Want to Decorate on Jar

I drew dots so you may use that!

Step 7: Write the Reasons You Love Your Mom!

Step 8: Cut Out and Fold in Half and Put Into Jar

Step 9: Wrap It or Just Simply Give It to Her on Christmas!



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    5 Discussions

    Can you make a list of 100 reasons? I got to 75, and basically realized I was repeating myself over and over. Its not that I dont love my Mom, its just Im not THAT creative.

    Wow sweet idea, I will definetly use this!!

    thank you thank you soo much for this idea ! god u saved me from a severe thought process i have been doing constantly since 3 day ! she will love it ! god bless you !

    I think it'd be adorable to use Popsicle sticks!!