Introduction: Christmas Ham Bread

Picture of Christmas Ham Bread

Step 1: The Yeast

Picture of The Yeast

1.-fresh yeast 24 gr

2.-Water 260 gr

3.-we mix and reserve

Step 2: The Dough

Picture of The Dough

4.-flour 000 600gr

5.-sugar 60 gr

7.-We add the yeast

8.-we knead!

Step 3: Eggs

Picture of Eggs

9.-eggs 30 gr

10.-Butter 50 gr

11.- salt 12 gr

Step 4: MASH

Picture of MASH

12.-We knead!

13.-let the dough rise 1-2 hours

Step 5: Stretch

Picture of Stretch

14.-Stretch the dough

Step 6: Meat

Picture of Meat

15.-smoked ham


Step 7: Olives

Picture of Olives



19.-we roll up!

Step 8: The Art

Picture of The Art

20.-wet cut strips!

21.-we intertwine!

22.-we click!

Step 9: Final Touch

Picture of Final Touch

23.-we paint with eggs white

24.-we bake 170c/338f 40-50 minute

Step 10: Jum... Lets Eat!

Picture of Jum... Lets Eat!



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