Christmas Hut





Introduction: Christmas Hut

Christmas Hut

Step 1: Mountain

Materials used for mountain

brown boards
plaster of paris
White gum
newspapers and others

using a Brown board to make a shape as you wish. Mix a white gum in water and dip the newspaper. then mount the newspaper in the brown board to make a shape like mountain. Mix a plaster of paris with water and blow on the newspaper to make a shape as mountain.
I used the grey color for mountain to paint.

Step 2: Make a Hut

I used steel rod to make a hut.
using a thatch to make a hut.

place the hut near the mountain and pour sand on the table. place a grass on it

Step 3: Decorating

place the statue in the hut and decorate the place

Step 4: Lightnings

use some led lights to decorate

Step 5:




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