Step 2: Making the Pastry

If you have your own butter pastry recipe feel free to use it if not here is a simple one.

Butter dough recipe: 

250g             butter (room temperature )
250g             sugar
3 tsp             vanilla sugar
1                    egg yolk
1                    egg
2 spoons     rum   or     backing flavor (rum, butter rum, what you want)

           Stir everything together. 

500g            flour

           Screen the flour on the butter sugar mix while kneading butter-sugar-stuff.

Further you need some spoons of cacao powder to color a part of the pastry.
In case of the the example picture the black and white ratio is roughly 50:50 so color have of the      dough with cacao nicely dark brown. 4 to 5 spoons should make it don't use to much or the dough will get to dry , knead it well the color will adjust.
Now form bowls two bowls, put foile arround it and put the dough at least 4 hours in the fridge.
<p>i love the game and these... are... AAAWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEE!!!</p>
you are awesommeee!!!!<br>it must had taken a ton of time to do this project!<br>those are the coolest cookies i've ever seen :D
i live in the US and have never heard of vanilla sugar. Where did you get it?
simply check the online markets for the german &quot;vanillezucker&quot;. <br /> or try bourbon vanilla flavoured sugar - you can make your own yummy one!<br /> vanilla sugar most of the times is artificially flavoured.<br /> <br />
mostly so called &quot;vanilla&quot; in everyday food products is wood (sawdust) flavoured with a special fungus, that tastes like vanilla. another way of producing the fragrance is taking the waste of paper production (lignine) with the lignine sulfonic acid in it. tastes like vanilla, a bit more aggressive, and is really cheap.<br>the original orchid producing vanilla is rare and more expensive than the worldwide demand of vanilla flavoured sweets. &quot;In fact, 97% of vanilla used as a flavor and fragrance is synthetic&quot; (http://vanilla.servolux.nl/vanilla_facts.html). other sources are talking about 1% of the worldwide vanilla flavourings coming from original vanilla beans.<br><br>interested? have a look at...<br><br>- overview of the vanilla genus: http://www.henriettesherbal.com/eclectic/kings/vanilla.html<br><br>- description of the genus in the 'flora of north america': http://www.efloras.org/florataxon.aspx?flora_id=1&amp;taxon_id=134375<br><br>- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanilla_%28genus%29
thanks, will do!
Do you think this could work with chocolate and vanilla sugar cookie dough?<br />
these are by far the coolest cookies ever.&nbsp; and btw you may want to check your oven... its being invaded.<br />
Great method, definitely doing this next year.<br />
photo's of the finished products would be nice, but good 'ible all the same.<br />
great stuff, looks really cool.&nbsp; I'm going to try this out really soon.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Do you think you could post a picture or 2 of what they look like after they bake?&nbsp; just to see how much they expand/warp<br />

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