Introduction: Easy Christmas LED Project! Fun to Build!

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          Here is an easy and fun project for the holidays that you can show non-electronic enthusiasts friends without them saying: "I have no idea what you were talking about..."

Step 1:

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===Needed Items===

~Power supply

                 (preferably 5v but anything from 4 volts to12 volts will work)
~2 Red and 2 Green LEDs
~555 timer IC

                  (IC stands for Integrated Circuit)
~3 NPN transistors
~5 resistors:  3 x 10kOhm, 1 x 3.3kOmh, 1 x 100 Ohm

                   (10KOhm = Brown Black Orange,
                    3.3KOhm = Orange Orange Red,
                    100 Ohm = Brown Black Brown)
~47uf capacitor
                    (You can use and capacitance you choose, but 47uf seems to work the best)
~various small wires
                    (single-core/solid-core wires are the best)

===With all of these components, you are ready to build!===

Step 2:

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Here Is the Schematic of the Christmas LED Flasher! From here you can use this schematic to build the easy and fun Christmas LED flasher!

Step 3: Done!

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                                                          ===You're Done!===

          Now you have your working Christmas LED flasher for the holidays to show off to your friends and family! Thanks for reading my instructable! Leave a Comment!

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diane.simbahan (author)2014-10-15

hi. i was just thinking if your schematic diagram matched the picture above? thank you :D

jensenr30 (author)diane.simbahan2014-10-16

It should be.

jensenr30 (author)2010-12-26

Awesome! I was trying to design something that most everyone can make out of simple and common supplies.

Thanks for the comment!

Sohaib Asif (author)jensenr302011-12-20

what transistor value you us in in your video?????????????????

MROHM (author)Sohaib Asif2011-12-20

It's NOT My Video,,,Sorry!!!

kriztopberde (author)2011-12-09

what are the value of 3 NPN TRANSISTORS sir rtty21

jensenr30 (author)kriztopberde2011-12-12

I don't know. you can use most any npn transistor, though.

lukeD (author)2011-06-23

is there an equivalent for the 555 timer ic???

jensenr30 (author)lukeD2011-06-25

not really. In order to build this circuit, you need to have a 555 timer. try looking at for electronics parts. That is where I buy the vast majority of mine. here is one I bought on mouser:

lukeD (author)jensenr302011-06-25

that site is a bit expensive... to ship it to Holland, it is 20 euros. that is a bit too much for a 555 timer wich costs 34 cents. I'll look for something less expensive.

thanks for your help


jensenr30 (author)lukeD2011-06-25

Ouch. That's too bad.

If you want to make an oscillator and skip the 555 altogether, search "transistor oscillator" on google and see what you find.

lukeD (author)jensenr302011-06-26

if you make this circuit:

and change the speaker with a LED, will it flash?

jensenr30 (author)lukeD2011-06-26

I believe it would.

keep in mind that the "2N2907" is a PNP transistor while the "2N2222" is a NPN transistor.

If you have any trouble flashing an LED with this circuit, just give me a PM (private message) and I'll be happy to see what you're up to.


lukeD (author)jensenr302011-06-27

last week I bought a breadboard, if I have it, i'll start experimenting.

thanks for your help


jensenr30 (author)lukeD2011-06-29

no problem at all!

robot1398 (author)2011-03-11

the positive and negative terminals of the capacitor are not given

robot1398 (author)2011-03-05

did you use LM555 timer or NE555 timer

jensenr30 (author)robot13982011-03-06

I used an NE555, but they all work the same at low frequencies. If you are looking for high frequency 555s, I would recommend the following:
~7555...........(500 KHz Maximum)
~TS555........(2 MHz Maximum)

homeuser5 (author)2011-01-10

Yes it was a great video and good work. Please keep those dirt cheap electronic gadgets coming. I enjoy helping my child build the exciting fun projects you have.

coleyy (author)2010-12-26

can i use a 9v battery to power this

jensenr30 (author)coleyy2011-01-08


coleyy (author)2010-12-26

do i need a certain something to turn 9v to 5v?

jensenr30 (author)coleyy2010-12-26

yes. try a 7805. you may find it here:

The website that this is on is called
Mouser is really awesome for electronics enthusiasts because it offers great electronics at great prices.

I hope this helped you! =D
If you have any other questions or comments, I'd love to hear them!

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