Easy Christmas LED Project! Fun to Build!





Introduction: Easy Christmas LED Project! Fun to Build!

          Here is an easy and fun project for the holidays that you can show non-electronic enthusiasts friends without them saying: "I have no idea what you were talking about..."

Step 1:

===Needed Items===

~Power supply

                 (preferably 5v but anything from 4 volts to12 volts will work)
~2 Red and 2 Green LEDs
~555 timer IC

                  (IC stands for Integrated Circuit)
~3 NPN transistors
~5 resistors:  3 x 10kOhm, 1 x 3.3kOmh, 1 x 100 Ohm

                   (10KOhm = Brown Black Orange,
                    3.3KOhm = Orange Orange Red,
                    100 Ohm = Brown Black Brown)
~47uf capacitor
                    (You can use and capacitance you choose, but 47uf seems to work the best)
~various small wires
                    (single-core/solid-core wires are the best)

===With all of these components, you are ready to build!===

Step 2:

Here Is the Schematic of the Christmas LED Flasher! From here you can use this schematic to build the easy and fun Christmas LED flasher!

Step 3: Done!

                                                          ===You're Done!===

          Now you have your working Christmas LED flasher for the holidays to show off to your friends and family! Thanks for reading my instructable! Leave a Comment!

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hi. i was just thinking if your schematic diagram matched the picture above? thank you :D

Awesome! I was trying to design something that most everyone can make out of simple and common supplies.

Thanks for the comment!

what transistor value you us in in your video?????????????????

It's NOT My Video,,,Sorry!!!

what are the value of 3 NPN TRANSISTORS sir rtty21

I don't know. you can use most any npn transistor, though.

is there an equivalent for the 555 timer ic???

that site is a bit expensive... to ship it to Holland, it is 20 euros. that is a bit too much for a 555 timer wich costs 34 cents. I'll look for something less expensive.

thanks for your help