Picture of Christmas Light in a Jar
Xmaslicht 10_1.jpg
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This Instructable is about how to make a pretty little light for Christmas.
It is very easy to make, and cheap too. It makes a nice gift and is very customizable.
I used silhouette Christmas motives but one could just a well use colored pictures or even photos to personalize them.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You need:
LED tealight
your printed motive
paper cutter (optional)
cylindrical twist off jar
double sided sticky tape or glue
muffin paper cup
Ruler or measuring tape (both would be best)

Step 2: Measure

Picture of Measure
Measure the length of your jar.
You need to know how long the cylindrical part is
You should also measure the circumference of the jar (this is where the measuring tape comes in handy)

You should measure the jar BEFORE you print the motive.
You need to know how large it may be.
Depending on the circumference of the jar you might have to print the motive in landscape mode instead of portrait like I did. I used rather small glasses so the paper was long enough, but if you use a larger jar the paper might be too short and won't cover the whole area.

Step 3: Cut Motive

Picture of Cut Motive
Cut out your motive with the paper cutter.
Use the measurements from the previous step to make it fit into the jar.

Step 4: Insert Motive

Picture of Insert Motive
Xmaslicht 4_1.jpg
Put the paper into the jar.
If it doesn't fit, take it out and cut it a little smaller so it fits.
The paper should lay itself smoothly against the glass.

Step 5: Make the Lid

Picture of Make the Lid
Xmaslicht 7_1.jpg
Put a piece of double sided sticky tape or glue onto the lid and around the rim (tape is easier and less messy).
Stick the muffin paper to the lid and push it down the sides to make it look like in picture 2

Step 6: Turn the LED on

Picture of Turn the LED on
Xmaslicht 10_1.jpg
Take the LED tea light, turn it on, put it into the jar and screw the lid on.
I also decorated the lid with stickers.

Step 7: Lights off !!

Picture of Lights off !!
Xmaslicht 14_1.jpg
Xmaslicht 13_1.jpg
Xmaslicht 11_1.jpg
Turn the lights off and admire your Christmas light.
Sorry for the blurry pictures, my camera does a bad job in the dark.
BionicBen1 year ago
Very pretty Christmas decoration! Nicely done.