This Instructable is about how to make a pretty little light for Christmas.
It is very easy to make, and cheap too. It makes a nice gift and is very customizable.
I used silhouette Christmas motives but one could just a well use colored pictures or even photos to personalize them.

Step 1: Materials

You need:
LED tealight
your printed motive
paper cutter (optional)
cylindrical twist off jar
double sided sticky tape or glue
muffin paper cup
Ruler or measuring tape (both would be best)
<p>I&rsquo;m so making this! <em>I&rsquo;ll try sending pictures</em></p>
<p>I&rsquo;m so making this! <em>I&rsquo;ll try sending pictures</em></p><p><em><br></em></p>
Very pretty Christmas decoration! Nicely done.

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