Everyone needs a mega tree for their Christmas light display.  There are a few other instructions and kits on the web but here is how I did mine.  I know it's not that Mega only being 11' tall but I like it.

Step 1: Materials

You will need

1 - 10 foot 2" pvc pipe
1 - 2" pvc cap
1 - 1/2" pvc pipe 24"
1 - fence post stake
1 - 4x4 2' piece of wood
8 - Strands of green lights 25' length
1 - Light up star
1 - Plastic tubing 20' 1/2 to 3/4 is fine
6-8 yard stakes
Assorted screws
Optional  Light O Rama with 9 free channels or other means to power the lights


first one that I saw that was really simple. and probably the materials that is going to be under 100 bucks.
I was looking for quite awhile on how to make one of these! Thank you for sharing, I now have a mega tree in my yard and it only took me a few hours after getting everything together!
You are welcome. That's what this website is all about, and now I'm motivated to get my lights going. Thank you.

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