Picture of Christmas Nail Art Design
Christmas Nail Art Design Tutorial For Beginners!!!!!
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Step 1: Apply black color

Picture of Apply black color
Apply black base colour on all your nails.

Step 2: Make a french tip

Picture of Make a french tip
Make a French tip with light silver colour on three of your nails as shown.

Step 3: Make igloo

Picture of Make igloo
Now on index finger nail, Make igloo with white colour. Now with black colour make the blocks. Then add white dots to show the snow.

Step 4: Draw a snowman

Picture of Draw a snowman
On next nail draw the shape of a snowman. Add a cap and a scarf around the neck using red colour. Add white dots for the snow.

Step 5: Draw Christmas tree

Picture of Draw Christmas tree
On next nail draw a Christmas tree with brown and green colour.

Step 6: Final look

Picture of Final look
On the remaining nails draw small white dots for the snow effect to give the nail art a final look.