Christmas Nail Art Design


Introduction: Christmas Nail Art Design

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Christmas Nail Art Design Tutorial For Beginners!!!!!

Step 1: Apply Black Color

Apply black base colour on all your nails.

Step 2: Make a French Tip

Make a French tip with light silver colour on three of your nails as shown.

Step 3: Make Igloo

Now on index finger nail, Make igloo with white colour. Now with black colour make the blocks. Then add white dots to show the snow.

Step 4: Draw a Snowman

On next nail draw the shape of a snowman. Add a cap and a scarf around the neck using red colour. Add white dots for the snow.

Step 5: Draw Christmas Tree

On next nail draw a Christmas tree with brown and green colour.

Step 6: Final Look

On the remaining nails draw small white dots for the snow effect to give the nail art a final look.



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