For this coming Holiday Season we dedided to build a Christmas Nativity village scene

We wanted to use both recycled and commercial items along with natural items.

Step 1: Forming the Mountain

We've stopped at some garbage bins and picked up a few fruit wooden boxes, cardboard boxes and styrofoams.
Oh Oh Oh, and an euro palette!

We've stopped at some wharehouse stores and bought a few decorations items (miniature houses and decor materials);

We've stopped at a forest nearby and picked up some small wood pieces from the ground.

Then we've "cleaned" an area at our attic -
the perfect place for the mountain to grow and the village to take place.

And we've started the building process

We needed:
Mountain trails;
Christ birth manger;
A village, for the houses.
A cascade / water fall, a river and a lake, all with running water.

We've set-up the recovered garbage items and essayed several layouts; took a bit to get the layout that suited us most.
<p>Oh cool and huge set indeed! i wonder where can i get Super foam in Hong Kong... A small question, does the super foam smell strong? i see you did that indoor</p>
oh the final project is just plain fantastic!
This is really beautiful!! I love to create the nativity village every year...I should start using foam too because the result is great!

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