Decorate your tree this year with unique hand-made Christmas Ornaments!  No ones tree will look as festive as yours.  So many ornaments including origami, LEDs, beads, and more!
Christmas ornaments from toys! style
Toys as ornaments!
1-up and Super Mushroom Ornaments style
Power up your Christmas and give your tree Extra Life with these super cute Super Mario ornaments you can make in an afternoon! They're fast and inexpensive, so go ahead and build an entire Mushroom...
LED Dove Ornament style
For this holiday season, add a little glitter to your home or crafting/work space with your own LED Felt Decorations. No need for soldering irons: The simple LED circuit is entirely sewn by hand usin...
Icosahedron Christmas Ornament style
This is a Christmas ornament or gift made out of a gift bag.
Paper ball ornaments for your Christmas tree style
IMPORTANT:  It's been a while since I did this instructable and now that I reviewed it, I agree that some steps are a little bit confusing. So if you cannot figure out some of the steps, or you want t...
Christmas Ornaments From Light Bulbs style
Create beautiful Christmas ornaments and decorations with old light bulbs. So you've made the change to fluorescent light bulbs. What should you do with those old energy wasting bulbs? Decorate your t...
Mini Christmas Present Ornaments! style
This is the second Christmas in my first apartment, and I decided this year I wanted to have my own Christmas tree. But since I'm on a budget, I didn't want to go out a buy a whole bunch of ornaments,...
Starman Tree Topper style
Give your tree invincibility with this glowing Super Mario Starman tree-topper. It's simple to make with some basic sewing knowledge and utilizes LED Throwie technology. Even if you aren't a gamer, th...
LED Ornament style
Need to geek up your x-mas tree this holiday season? Nothing is geekier than an LED, and an over-sized one at that. This instructable shows you how you how to make a quick and easy LED Ornament with s...
PILL PUZZLE ORNAMENT:  recycling and reusing style
I had almost forgotten about these fun little games played during my childhood.  One of the hazzards of getting older I suppose.  When I told my children about this ornament we were going to make, ...
3D Ornaments style
What you'll need:1. 4 pieces of paper (preferably thicker paper)2. masking tape3. exacto knife4. pencil5. ruler6. double sided tape7. scissors8. art board or surface to cut on
How to Make Origami Christmas Ornaments style
Make 3 different easy origami Christmas Ornaments with either 3, 6, or 12 simple units.
Illuminated Snowflake Ornament style
Simple and elegant, the illuminated snowflake ornament will brighten up your holidays.  These LED snowflake ornaments are super-easy to make and only take about 15-20 minutes each (depends on how long...
Solar powered Christmas ornaments style
I wanted to add some decorations to an outdoor tree of mine, but it's very far from the house, too far to easily use an extension cord.  Battery-powered ornaments do exist, but I didn't want to be alw...
Make a hackable LED ornament. style
Make an LED ornament that lets you shuffle different colours and types of LEDs at any time depending on what you want. For a really great effect try using the cheap colour changing LEDs off ebay. Th...
Beaded Christmas Ornaments style
This is my fisrt instructable so please be kind. Since it is nearly Christmas, I thought it would be nice to show you how to make a pretty beaded christmas ornament. i have used seed beads, some fancy...