Christmas Pancakes

Picture of Christmas Pancakes
With a blog focused on sweets, breakfast isn’t a topic I cover often, if at all. But Christmas pancakes as fun and easy as these certainly qualify for “creative sweets made simple”. Start a new tradition at your house by whipping up a batch of these for Christmas breakfast this year!
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Step 1: Supplies for Christmas Breakfast Pancakes

To make Christmas breakfast pancakes, you will need:


Step 2: How To Prepare the Batter for Christmas Breakfast Pancakes

Picture of How To Prepare the Batter for Christmas Breakfast Pancakes
To make colorful holiday pancakes for Christmas breakfast, start by preparing your favorite pancake batter. I keep things simple and use the pancake recipe on the back of the Bisquick box.

Heat up your griddle as you are preparing the batter for your Christmas breakfast pancakes.

Divide the batter into four sections. Use your food coloring to dye each section a different color, red, green, white and ivory. Then, pour each colored batter into a piping bag and tie off the end of the bag. When you are ready to use each color, simply cut off the tip and begin piping.

Step 3: How To Make Santa Pancakes

Picture of How To Make Santa Pancakes
Santa Pancakes.jpg
To make the Santa pancakes, start by laying down a heart-shaped sprinkle for the nose and two black confetti sprinkles for the eyes. Use a (clean, for food use only) pair of tweezers for more precise placement. Next, use your ivory colored batter to pipe a rounded rectangular shape over the sprinkles for Santa’s face. Working quickly, use your red batter to pipe a triangle for Santa’s hat and your white batter to draw in the ball on Santa’s hat and the beard. Save the white batter for last so that it doesn’t brown on the griddle. When the bottom side of your Santa pancake is cooked, flip it to cook the other side.
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