I wanted to send my nephews and niece a present that looked exciting on the outside as well. So I made their names in barcode.

Step 1: Find Site

I went to the first site that came up when I 'Googled' barcode generator. I typed in their names and saved the image as a bitmap file.
they use OCR on the address<br />
Yay - the parcel arrived.
Ooh I hope not - &quot;the barcode reader read 'Merry Christmas' so we are returning your package&quot;.<br /> I put all the barcodes away from the actual address so keep your fingers crossed for me (and the little recipients).
I think the postal service use a different style of barcode to this, so they will probably recognise them as non-address-related.&nbsp; I would hope they would disregard any invalid barcodes anyway and just rely on the printed address.<br />
You have to watch how you use them as Post Offices use barcode readers now and they might send your item back as mislabelled.

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