Picture of Christmas Post with barcodes
I wanted to send my nephews and niece a present that looked exciting on the outside as well. So I made their names in barcode.
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Step 1: Find site

Picture of find site
I went to the first site that came up when I 'Googled' barcode generator. I typed in their names and saved the image as a bitmap file.

Step 2: Make page

Picture of make page
I made a page in Publisher and added the barcodes I had saved.

Step 3: Print

Picture of print
My original plan was to print the barcodes onto sticker paper, but I didn't have any at hand so I just printed it onto plain paper using my laser printer.

Step 4: Parcel

Picture of parcel
parcel side.jpg
So I just cut and glued the barcodes on. I only posted it today so I don't know the reaction yet.
hintss5 years ago
they use OCR on the address
alialexander (author) 5 years ago
Yay - the parcel arrived.
alialexander (author) 5 years ago
Ooh I hope not - "the barcode reader read 'Merry Christmas' so we are returning your package".
I put all the barcodes away from the actual address so keep your fingers crossed for me (and the little recipients).
I think the postal service use a different style of barcode to this, so they will probably recognise them as non-address-related.  I would hope they would disregard any invalid barcodes anyway and just rely on the printed address.
WolfDog5 years ago
You have to watch how you use them as Post Offices use barcode readers now and they might send your item back as mislabelled.