My Christmas Project
Will be posted on December 24th, 2009.

Questions or Comments? Tell me.

I'M JEWISH!!!!!!!!!!!<br /> <br />
Well, let's call it Preview for you, then. :P<br />
what a bout a hanuka present<br /> <br />
can i add this to my list?<a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Christmas-Knex-Guns/" rel="nofollow"> The list</a>
amazing<br />
looks good.<br /> i cant wait for it
Anything I&nbsp;can improve on?<br />
maby a retractable stock like ironman
Unless I upgraded the back to a five-layer, it'd be awfully flimsy.<br />
It has somewhat working iron/red-dot sights, but I&nbsp;suppose I&nbsp;can work on one.<br />
why reply on my comment?
Why <em>not?</em>
there is a point..
And what is this so called <em>point?</em>
i don't no misteak
<p>i think it was instructables mistaken</p>
Beats me. This site is full of glitches. <br />
Bipod looks obnoxiously high lol.&nbsp; Other than that, looks good!<br /> <br /> The reason why I'm not making a Chirstmas project is because:<br /> <br /> 1- My knexsayer is awesome <br /> 2- Ima make a gun in February to celebrate my birthday.&nbsp; <br />
&nbsp;Looks great
It'll be posted on the 24th.<br />
looks cool with those metallic pieces<br />

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Bio: I'm your average Instructables Joe. When I build things in knex, I mod them to be as strong, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing as possible.
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