Christmas Rail Car 5 (Engine)





Introduction: Christmas Rail Car 5 (Engine)

This is rail car number five (the engine) in what (I hope) will be a
series of ten, one published every two weeks until Christmas. This O gauge engine (wheels, axle, coupler, gears and bed are all 3D printed plastic) is part of an active train.

The design and print files for 3d printed parts can be found here.

The motor for the train is a #253518. It is powered by 8 NiMH batteries and a SPST switch turns the engine on and off.

Step 1:

Print "wheel largeb" and "main wheel gear combo" and glue them together (super glue gel).

Step 2:

Slide the wheel/gear combo into the "engine frame h" and secure the wheels using "keya".

Step 3:

Screw the motor into the frame and run a small bolt through the "motor gear combob" and the hole in the motor shaft.

Step 4:

Put the two "rail wheel short" pieces into "rail carrierg". Bolt "engine topa" onto "engine frame h" (using the holes in the front).

Step 5:

Place coins in the two slots to make the engine heavy (it needs this for traction). Wire the batteries (in series) through the on/off switch to the motor.

Step 6:

Print the "thin roof santa" and paint to suit your taste.

Step 7:

Place him on the track and let him go. He moves quite slowly, but will pull a good load.



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    So cute! I can't wait to see the full set when you finish for christmas! Thanks for sharing!