Christmas Snowflakes Decorations with laser cutter!

Picture of Christmas Snowflakes Decorations with laser cutter!
After taking the Laser Cutter class at Techshop, I have been playing around so much, it is so addictive!
My girlfriend asked me to make "something useful" and I came up with this ides for Christmas Decorations: needless to say, my girlfriend was ecstatic!!!!

...and it is sooo easy!

Tools needed:
Laser Cutter (duh!)
TechShop Membership (Duh!)
Orbital sander
Belt Sander

Material needed
Wood scraps
Wood panels

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Step 1: Getting the templates

Picture of Getting the templates
The first step is getting the templates and import them into Corel Draw.
A snowflake can be pretty complex to draw from scratch, especially if you are not so good on drawing, and I am not!
This is where some "creativity" and "resourcefulness" comes handy!
I was surfing on Epilog website and I noticed a link: "Sample Club" and there you can find lots of useful templates and ideas!!!
Among them, here's the ones we will be using: Snowflakes
Follow the instructions and open the files in Corel Draw: We will be using the "sc_snowflakes_glitter.cdr" and "sc_snowflakes_wood.cdr"
The files are already in .cdr format, so, no conversion will be necessary

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