Christmas Stockings for All Reasons!


Introduction: Christmas Stockings for All Reasons!

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Last year, I decided to knit some Christmas stockings, and once I get the knitting bug, sometimes I just don't know when to stop. Here are a few of my creations. The original ideas came from a Jean Greenhowe pattern book called Christmas Favourites. The others I made up as I went along. The other stockings were knitted is unknown leftovers from my enormous yarn stash.

At the request of friends, I even knitted a couple of Channukah stockings, which I think must be quite unusual! These were knitted in Lion Brand Woolease and the one I gave away was received with great joy and hung correctly by the chimney for the secret Maccabee!



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    I also make Christmas Stockings but, mine are crocheted. Your stockings are quite nice and very well done. I'm sure they are a favorite for the holidays.


    Cute! In the first picture, I like the first one the most, and I like the second one in the third picture, they're cute! Nice job, you're posting great stuff!