My brother-in-law needed a costume to wear to his family's Christmas party and asked me to make him Ralphie's deranged Easter bunny/pink nightmare costume.

I couldn't pass this up.

You can buy a similar costume online for $100, but where's the fun in that? This only cost around $30. Plus a lot of hours of course, but it was worth it.

(That's me with my best attempt at an unhappy Ralphie-scowl.)

Step 1: In Case You've Been Living Under a Rock...

<p>made his for my hubby for a Halloween costume last year. Also doubles for Christmas! I recommend a jacket zipper (that pulls from top or bottom) for men. A fly is important :-)</p>
<p>That looks awesome great job!</p>
<p>How long would you say this could take for an experienced seamstress vs. a person who doesn't do this often? </p><p>I ask because I may ask someone to do this for me who sews more frequently than I do. But before I ask I want to take a twirl in doing it. </p>
<p>I made this for my friends son as a halloween costume last year.he wanted white other than pink, and used purple to set off the ears and paw gloves. Thank you so much for thos pattern.</p>
<p>Ha, very cool! Thanks for sharing your photos. I'm glad you found this and were able to make your own version!</p>
<p>i done it</p>
I am so glad that you have this pattern for the Ralphy Bunny suit. It looks totally awesome. My son has been after me to make him this costume for years, the thing is he is over 300 lbs and I wasn't quite sure I would be able to make a pattern this large. I have been sewing for years, and made a lot of Halloween costumes when he was a kid, but I always had a pattern to follow and modify. He is over 6 ft tall, will this pattern be large enough for a man of his girth?
I would think so. It was made to be loose on a guy that's 250 lbs. But if you needed more girth, it could be added when you layout the pattern.
I have almost completed the costume by your pics only til I looked further and you have printable instructions. I am having extreme difficulty with the hood. Can you tell me the width of the hood middle and both measurements you use for the hood sides. This is my first project and I have never read a pattern.
Hi, my pattern is very simple. Each block represents 1 inch. So you have to draw out full-scale pattern pieces for yourself, based on the dimensions I've provided. <br><br>Let me know if you still have trouble . . . but you should be good to go if you have some large sheets of paper and a ruler and pencil. Good luck!
This pattern looks amazing!!!!! I would love to make this for my cousins new husband (welcome him to the family ;) ) Unfournatly I am having some difficulty opening the PDF file. Is there any other way of looking at the PDF file or getting the pattern?
Try this link: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/files/orig/FHJ/LQIE/G33OXVPQ/FHJLQIEG33OXVPQ.pdf" rel="nofollow">bunnypattern</a>&nbsp;<br> <br> If you're still having trouble opening it, you most likely need to download the latest <a href="http://get.adobe.com/reader/" rel="nofollow">adobe reader</a>.
Works perfectly!!! Thank you so much!
So I'm new to the whole sewing thing but really want to try making this for a Christmas present. The person I'm making this for is around 6 foot and 150 pounds. I know you said that the pattern fits someone upwards of 200 pounds, so how would you recommend that I take this in so that it will fit. Sorry for the stupid question, anything you can help with will be greatly appreciated! Thanks for the pattern!
making this now! i'll (hopefully) finish it for halloween and post a photo. one thing though...i wish it had a master list of supplies, because i found myself at the fabric store a few times to get white and black felt, wire, etc. maybe i just didnt see a list?<br> <br>its coming out well so far! thanks for the tutorial!<br><br>Logan
I included a list on the pattern form (the pdf), but didn't mention everything right there I guess. All the the stuff you need is listed throughout the various steps, but I guess that's not too good for a quick shopping list...<br><br>Can't wait to see yours all finished. Good luck!
I am so excited! I am going to an 80's Movies themed Halloween party and was not sure what to go as! this is it! One question...what kind of material did you use? I want it to be fluffy, but not too hot! Thanks for the instructions!
It's pink fleece. And it is, unfortunately, extremely hot. You might try flannel for comfort, but it wouldn't look very fluffy. Whatever you choose, good luck!
your aunt worked hard on that<br>SMILE RALPHIE<br>(i love it)
i love this pattern and want to make it for my boyfriend, but i'm unable to down load the PDF is there anyway i can have you email it to me? <br>
Thanks so much for posting this pattern and photos. I created this costume for my boyfriend who is 6'5 &amp; this was my first sewing project EVER. I got most of it done by myself and my mom helped me attach the hood the zipper.<br><br>Our Christmas party was last weekend and we went as Ralphie and Leg Lamp. I made some minor adjustments, but all in all we were quite satisfied with the results. I posted a few photos below (the whale on the wall behind Ralphie is a giant 5 foot long narwal whale that we paper mache'd in honor of the narwal in our other favorite Christmas movie, Elf).
This is great! I love the leg lamp costume idea. Very clever! <br><br>Thank you for sharing the photos!
Thank you very much for this instructable - its presence provoked the costume. I found very helpful the slipper section and got the exact shoes from W-mart. The only change there was ending the fleece at the shoe bottom edge since this will be taken outdoors trick or treating. I did make some changes - due to my limitations and materials at hand, I definitely futzed some parts after the initial cutting out. The wire I used on the ears was floral design wire - something in my stash. Aluminum and very light weight but flexible, it's used for accents and held up the fleece while still being very light. I recommend it as a crafting material. We'll see if it stands up to the party and trick or treating! Thanks again, we admire all of your additions.
That looks great! I'm glad you were able to make one. Thank you for the photos!<br>
I'm having trouble down loading the pattern it tries to connect ta web site then nothing what gives
It Worked Great!!! the pattern was great! I added a couple if inches to the legs &amp; chest piece,&amp; then had to subtract some from the legs.Some small tweaks but it came out amassing!!! Every one loved it.Thank you for the inspiration. It will now become a Christmas tradition.
lol you look so hot :P <br> <br>hey seamster great costume thanks for share
Ha!&nbsp; Awesome.&nbsp; This totally makes my day.&nbsp; Thanks!<br />
No thank you!!!&nbsp;&nbsp; Im 6'3&quot; 280lbs &amp; it worked great.<br /> 4 days.30 hours.$40.(i had to buy left handed sciccors)<br /> other than hat you were spot on.I even got the same slippers.lol
Nice work!&nbsp; Forty bucks well spent.<br />
he looks so adorable i haven't laughed so much in ages. thank you so much
Thanks! That's actually me in the main photos. My brother-in-law was the recipient, but I had to try it on and take a few photos. We all got a big kick out of the finished product.
the finished product was made beautifully and you look wonderful. thank you for making my day.
The stuff of legends!
This is great!! I can use a sewing machine, but suck at math. I need to convert the measurements. Any help with creating this for a 7 year old who looks like Ralphie and wants to dress up in the Pink Nightmare for Halloween?
This took me a few minutes to figure out, as I'm not much for math either. But I know what you need to do.<br> <br> To get a pattern scaled to your child, you will need to multiply each measurement by the <strong>percent of scale</strong> you'd like your own pattern to be. For example, if you wanted a 3/4 scale version of my pattern, you'd have to multiply each measurement by .75, then draw out all the pattern pieces with these new measurements.<br> <br> I happen to have a seven year old as well, and he is exactly 48 inches tall. For his height, I concluded I would need to take each measurement from the original pattern and <strong>multiply it by .65</strong> to get a measurements appropriate for his size. (This would actually leave quite a bit of room for tweaking and adjusting as needed.)<br> <br> Keep in mind that I made this pattern to be extra baggy. On my pattern, I made the leg and arm sections intentionally extra long to accommodate hems and allow for tweaking here and there if needed.<br> <br> It'll still take quite a bit of work to lay out the pattern, but it will be worth it if you see the project through to the end. If you have any questions along the way, let me know. Plus, I'd love to see some finished photos as well. Good luck!<br> <br> <br>
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! It makes sense. We are super excited, especially my son. He was just asking about his costume at dinner tonight. It's ironic that he wants to dress up as a Christmas icon because he couldn't care less about that particular holiday. Halloween is his favorite.... although he said he would wear the bunny suit for Christmas cookie delivery. I will take pictures during the process and after. This is awesome!!
Cool, cool. Glad I could help!
Awesome movie, Awesome instructable, Awesome costume. Nuff said &lt;3
DUDE!!<br /> <br /> HANK&nbsp;AND&nbsp;MIKE!!!<br /> <br /> <br /> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0814131/<br /> <br /> <br />
Ha ha!&nbsp; Love the expression on your face in the first picture!<br />
It looks like the guy from those born yesterday commercials where he dumps sand on his head! LOL<br />
I made oNE!!! I googled &quot;bunny suit pattern, and good ol' instructables popped-up. I should have known. Pictures soon!<br /> <br /> I made some modifications and I made it out of a furrier pink fabric. I used it in my performance at a local comedy club and went out to the bar in it afterwards. Great night!<br /> <br /> I am also modifying it to have magic tricks built in, a retractable tail and other features. Great pattern!!<br />
Nice!&nbsp; Can't wait for the photos!<br />
First photo == priceless xD<br />
Any instructable that has a picture of a man in a bunny suit on the cover deserves to be looked at... I love that expression (first pic).=:D<br />
Thanks!&nbsp; It took a few tries to get just the right frown.<br />
xD it must be an art. <br /> heheh art of frowning...<br />
You'll shoot your eye out!&nbsp; <strong>It's laughing!&nbsp; Not deck the haws...deck the haws! (I have a leg lamp in my window) Your &quot;pink nightmare&quot; is very very cool!</strong>
Another great instructable!&nbsp; My favorite Christmas movie of all time.&nbsp; Thanks for this.<br />

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