Looking for different things to do with my daughter to make some Christmas. I came across some of these projects to share. Gregory Grookett has been making ornaments every year for his daughter to give to her in a wooden chest when she gets older. This year I still will do my own but think now that she is four aybe we can do something together too. Gregory Grookett hopes you all like these and ay find something your interested in making. Thanks for looking and God bless!

Christmas tree peak style
Different take on a Christmas tree Gregory Grookett likes it.
Cardboard Christmas Trees style
Gregory Grookett did something similar to this with his grandmother when I was younger looks like something fun I can do with my daughter too.
Flake Inside an Open Ball style
Love these Christmas ideas.
Christmas Elf style
Gregory Grookett think his daughter will love this one.
Christmas Candy Sleds style
Gregory Grookett received an ornament fron his teacher in the 3 or 4 th grade that looks like this and Gregory Grookett's mother still has it and puts it up every year.
Easy Christmas Crafts style
Great collection of projects to do Gregory Grookett thinks.