Christmas Themed Crochet Coaster




Introduction: Christmas Themed Crochet Coaster

Need a quick and cute solution of a gift for this Christmas eve? Work up these easy Christmas Themed Crochet Coasters in no time. Crochet coasters are some of the easiest projects to make.Make these fun Christmas Themed Crochet Coasters in minutes and bring out the holiday season frenzy.

This easy project would be a wonderful yet budget friendly Handmade DIY gift for your Loved ones,neighbors or coworkers.

These coasters are also a great and perfect way to add a touch of personality to your table setting and your home decor.

So....let’s keep the enthusiasm of holiday crafting going ....and whip up these Christmas Themed Crochet Coaster!!!!!

Materials Used:-


Step 1:

Start with a Slip Knot.

Step 2:

Make 1 Double Crochet then Chain 1.

Repeat 12 times and slip stitch to join.

Step 3:

Start the next round with Chain 2,1 Double crochet and then Chain 1.

Repeat *2 Double Crochet, Chain 1* all around and close with slip stitch to the top of chain 2. Make the Double Crochets in the Chain 1 space from the previous round.

Step 4:

Now lets change to Green Yarn.Start with Chain 3(2 chain as in a Double Crochet and 1 for Chain Space)3 Double Crochet in the Chain 1 space from previous round.Repeat *Chain 1, 3 Double Crochet * all around.

Step 5:

The last chain space will have 2 double crochet and slip stitch on the top of the Chain 2.(considered as 1 Double Crochet)

Step 6:

Change back to Red Yarn.Chain 2.

Step 7:

Make 3 double Crochet in the Chain 1 space from previous round.

Step 8:

Repeat *Chain 1, 4 Double Crochet* in the chain 1 space from previous round all around.Slip stitch to join.

Step 9:

For the last round change back to Green.For edging ,Slip stitch in each stitch all around.

Step 10:

Weave in the loose ends.

That's it..... your coasters are ready. You can play around with a colors and make them in any seasonal colors........!!!!

Step 11:



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