This is an instructable on how to set up a Christmas treasure hunt for your kids, family, or spouse. The treasure hunt doesn't have to be with a Christmas present, it could be a birthday present or anything like that. This instructable doesn't cost a lot of money, just a present or stocking, paper, a pen, a mind, and maybe string.

Step 1: The Easy Way

What you'll need

1. A present or stocking
2. Some paper for clues
3. A pen or pencil for writing your clues
4. String (for step #4...a whole different concept of a treasure hunt)

5. A brain
6. Whoever is doing the treasure hunt

I love this Instructable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am going to do this for either my parents, my bother, or i will beg my parents to do this. i love this kind of thing, but i think my parents think that i am too old for them:( o well. i will do it for someone.
My oldest sister used to make these for me all the time - they were so much fun I didn't even need a prize at the end. Other ideas include drawing maps with fun instructions ("Starting at the potted plant, go ten paces east, 5 paces north, and look up") and making physical objects into clues (one was a little plastic tiger with wings glued on top, which was a reference to the West African Tiger Fly featured in a particular favorite book - the next clue was tucked in the pages). If you had lots of time, you could replace a DVD from their collection with a near copy, after splicing a video clue into the middle. By the way, my inner grammar cop can't help pointing out that "the el" in "taped on the el espejo" is redundant.
yeah when i make em i put like boobie traps and a string and beam mess to get through and other obsticals
That is a really good idea of a treasure hunt... Does your sister still do treasure hunts for you, just a little more difficult? I suck @ spanish...thanks for telling me!
heh, cool instructable, i like it :) i have to favorite this for next christmas... haha (favorited)
I did this exact thing with one of my girlfriend's presents this year. I took a big copy paper box, wrapped in brown paper. I wrote "I GOT YOU A LAPTOP!" on the outside. Inside was an old laptop I picked up, it's about 2 inches thick, weighs in at more than my guitar, and runs windows 98. Under that were 3 other boxes, numbered in order from 1-3. Box 1 was just a joke box, no clue in it. On the outside it said "FRAGILE: Handle With Care" so I crushed it and put in a box filled with nails and sprayed it with a bunch of nasty colognes/air fresheners to simulate a broken perfume bottle. Box 2 said "Remember what's in this box!" then there was a warning: "This Box May Contain GOAT" Inside I put a note that said "GOAT SRSLY." Box 3 had a map which led her from the living room out to the kitchen, up to the window. The blind had a note on it that said "Raise Me". I taped string on the outside of the window that said "Follow Me" in cursive, then led her outside, around my garage, back to the window, into the garage, to a locked toolbox. The toolbox had one of those word locks on it where the combo is a word. It was set to say GOAT, then next to it I put a note that said SRSLY with an arrow toward the lock. The password was SRSLY, she opened it, inside was a box with "For real this time. <3" on it. Inside was another gift box with her necklace in it. I believe she enjoyed it. I know I did. :D Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to explain it in detail...
Awesome treasure hunt!!!
<em>&quot;Any type of present would be good...&quot;</em><br/><br/>I tend to disagree...I would not be a happy camper if I followed a piece of string around the house just to find some new socks <br/><br/>=p<br/><br/>Nice job.<br/>
I don't think someone would put socks at the end of a treasure hunt...but maybe they would get you these super cool socks that have a built in heater to keep you feet warm!

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