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Introduction: Christmas Tree

Sorry but i cant remember how to do this properly so you will have to excuse me on this will try me best anyway I started making this tree last year and wanted something different but never quite liked the end result so decided to put it away for another year and now I am happy with how it looks now.
I used chicken wire for the main body and cable ties to hold the structure together then for the base I used curtain track so it would hold its shape.
Then i fed Christmas lights through the holes in the wire and held them in place with cable ties and then to cover the cone I had some old Christmas trees so got to work stripping them right down then with the branches bent them around the frame then you can decorate it as you want it :-)

Step 1:



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    Not bad man! Very cool! I bet Santa is going to want his elves to make plenty now

    Thank you im not very good at uploading on here but i try my best. It is really easy an quick to make, enjoyed making it and wanted to share it :-)

    That's a nice idea for a quick artificial Christmas tree. And simple enough that I think most people could do it based on your photos. Thanks!