Step 5: Fluff Tree

Shake your tree vigorously to remove dead needles. Add water to the stand, and let the tree drink for a few hours to overnight. Add more water as necessary. Eventualy the branches will drop down to a more normal position. Now you can do the final screw adjustments, making the tree stand up as straight as it's going to get. Spin the tree to present its best side to the room.
what I do is, I buy those trees with roots, put them in a pot, then use as normal, this way, I can use the tree for <strong>ages and ages</strong>
All of her life, my Mom would run this scam:&nbsp; Go to the tree lot. Pick out a horribly lop-sided tree--something that spent its life smack up against another tree, whatever. Essentially an unsalable tree. Offer the lot half price--less if it's really mangled. Tell them you only intend to cut the branches off for a wreath or something. When you get the tree home, cut off whole branches where they are dense, and drill appropriately-sized holes in the trunk where it's barren, and just plug 'em in. Mom used to get the lot down to free sometimes--hard to do better than that!<br />
Did you cut down a tree yourself this year or did you get it from home depot?
A while back my family got a stand from a local seller that uses a spike that sticks in a hole they drill at the sellers. it works well. i also saw some kind of foot pumping stand look cool. <br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.ultimatetreestand.com/">LINK</a><br/>

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