Christmas Tree Hairbow Clip--Step by Step Instruction





Introduction: Christmas Tree Hairbow Clip--Step by Step Instruction

This makes great gift. It can also be used on decorating Christams cards, albums etc.
Material needed: 3/8" green ribbon, 1/8" gold ribbon, 3/8" brown ribbon, single prong alligator clips, sissors, glue gun and/or fabric-tac.

Step 1: 1.

1. Use 3/8" grosgrain ribbon. 2x2.75", 2x2.5" &2x2". Click the link below to purchase ribbons:

Step 2: 2.

Fold and glue as shown.

Step 3: 3.

3. Glue longest loops on lined single prong alligator clip. Click the link below to view how to line hair clips:

Step 4: 4.

4.2.5" loops

Step 5: 5.

5. 2" loops

Step 6: 6.

6. Use 1/4" gold ribbon (It's Offray GALENA. Click here to purchase if you cannot find it in your local store.)

Step 7: 7.


Step 8: 8.


Step 9: 9.


Step 10: 10.

10. adjust so the 2 loops are even

Step 11: 11.

11. pull the ends so the loops are small enough for the tree top

Step 12: 12.

12. cut

Step 13: 13.

13. hot glue bow top to the tree

Step 14: Other Free Instructions Available

Want to make other cute clips yourself? Click the link below to view all free instructions.



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    Cute Cute Cute!

    this is suuper cute :) i love this idea!

    How do I attach it to the hair? I'm thinking glue it to a hair clip or bobby pin but I'm not sure.

    Sorry about it. The instruction was wrote for mom's who are addicted to hairbow making so I didn't include the hair clip part. Just add a link in step 3 for how to line hair clips (and what kind of hair clips I use). Thanks. Michelle

    Spam. "Hipgirl" is the administrator of the linked site. All the images came off the linked site. Flagged.

    Hi Kiteman, Thank you for your comment. Yes I'm the owner of the linked site ( and the author of the instruction. I read the help before posting my instruction. Here it is: Quote-- Market your project. Did you make two widgets, but only need one? Are you willing to cook your awesome recipe for others? Are you the best at what you do and willing to share your service? Let people know. We are working on tools to make this easier. Please don't use Instructables to: Advertise without any useful instruction. Post projects that are inappropriate. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I think what I did is: 1. market my projects. 2. advertise with useful information. Please let me know if it against the instructable policy and I'll remove my article. Thanks a lot. Michelle

    If you had not included comments like "click here to purchase...", or included links to more than one supplier, or just left the issue of where to buy the ribbons completely out of the text, then I would consider this to be a good instructable.

    As it is, it is my opinion (I am not an Instructables representative) that the advertising turns this into spam. If you linked to a site that just contained projects (such as "I am an angel chaser" ), then that would not be spam. Expecting readers to buy your ribbon to make the clip, that is the spam.

    If the adverts were removed, I would happily rate the project, and equally-happily remove these comments. I would prefer to remove them, in fact, and I would like to see more of your (spam-free) projects, as they are classically-simple for even the most cack-handed crafter.

    To be honest, I don't make profit for selling 2 yds green ribbon (50 cents) plus 1 roll gold ribbon ($2.5) plus 10 alligator clips (85 cents). Most of my orders are from bow maker which are over $100. It's hard to find the supplies at local stores if you're not familiar with ribbons and clips. <br/><br/>It's a pain to edit the instruction so I'd like to add the source here:<br/><br/>1. for green ribbon, you can find at joann, micheals, walmart, hobby lobby in 3 yd rolls if your store carries the color. <br/><br/>2. for gold ribbon, you can find it at michael's and walmart. It's offray gelenna ribbon.<br/><br/>3. for single prong alligator clips, you can find at sally beauty supply store. visit <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a> to find a store near you. <br/><br/>4. glue gun and fabric-tac glue can be found at walmart.<br/><br/>5. Or if you don't have any craft store near you, you can purchase the supplies at or just google internet to find ribbons and bows suppliers online. <br/><br/>6. If you want to send me a prepaid ($1.47) self addressed bubble mailer envelop, I'm glad to send you green, gold ribbon and alligator clips for free. Please PM me and I'll let you know where to send the envelop.<br/><br/>Thanks.<br/><br/>Michelle<br/><br/>

    We seem to have clashed because of retailer differences. The small town I live in has several shops that sell rolls of ribbon, and two of them you can go in and ask for short lengths of different kinds. The one my wife and I use most is the one where you can walk in, pull a roll off a shelf and ask for "about this much of this one, please", holding your hands part in the air at the time.

    (When I made my Glass Robot, I took the parts and a sketch to the shop and the owner helped me work out what I needed, even though she thought I was mad.)