Christmas Tree Hairbow Clip--Step By Step Instruction

Picture of Christmas Tree Hairbow Clip--Step By Step Instruction
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This makes great gift. It can also be used on decorating Christams cards, albums etc.
Material needed: 3/8" green ribbon, 1/8" gold ribbon, 3/8" brown ribbon, single prong alligator clips, sissors, glue gun and/or fabric-tac.
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Step 1: 1.

Picture of 1.
1. Use 3/8" grosgrain ribbon. 2x2.75", 2x2.5" &2x2". Click the link below to purchase ribbons:

Step 2: 2.

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Fold and glue as shown.

Step 3: 3.

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3. Glue longest loops on lined single prong alligator clip. Click the link below to view how to line hair clips:

Step 4: 4.

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4.2.5" loops

Step 5: 5.

Picture of 5.
5. 2" loops

Step 6: 6.

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6. Use 1/4" gold ribbon (It's Offray GALENA. Click here to purchase if you cannot find it in your local store.)

Step 7: 7.

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Step 8: 8.

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Step 9: 9.

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Step 10: 10.

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10. adjust so the 2 loops are even

Step 11: 11.

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11. pull the ends so the loops are small enough for the tree top

Step 12: 12.

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12. cut

Step 13: 13.

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13. hot glue bow top to the tree

Step 14: Other free instructions available

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